HIPPO Perspectives is a private initiative whose sole aim is to turn low-lift pump irrigation into an affordable, sustainable solution for family farms along Sahelian Rivers in West and Central Africa. HIPPO stands for High-efficiency Irrigation Pumps, Procurement & Organization. See also HIPPO in brief.

De Verwondering 27                              .      E  sjonvanthof (at) xmsnet.nl
3823 HA Amersfoort                                    T  +31.33.4553623
Netherlands/Pays-Bas                                 M +31.636281439
If you want to want to know more about us and our motives, go to our contact page.

Our mission is to advise and assist any organization or enterprise that shares our vision of vibrant, non-aid dependent smallholder irrigation sectors that take advantage of the technico-commercial opportunities available.

  To assist in calculating pumping costs using PumpSelect, our program to optimize efficiency and minimize the cost of low-lift pumping equipment.
  To advise on approaches to achieve sustainable development in smallholder irrigation along Sahelian rivers from West to Central Africa. We favour an approach aimed at maximum affordability and manageability of low-lift pumping equipment.
  To contribute to the development and implementation of business models that are based on the HIPPOtheses that:  (1) irrigation pump marketing in West Africa is inefficient by international standards and can be incited to improve; and (2) the establishment of rental services of cost-efficient irrigation pumps is an effective way of promoting self-help irrigation development by resource-poor farmers in the Sahel.

♦  We conducted a worldwide survey on affordable, low-lift irrigation pumps with an emphasis on products from China, India and Turkey, see PumpSelect;
♦  Trained 30 project staff, technicians, local consultants and equipment firms involved in small-scale irrigation design in Burkina Faso, Mali, an Niger to help farmers choose the best pumping equipment.
♦  Procured 2 pump models from India and China, of which one has been monitored under field conditions in the village of Kakondji, Mali, since 1998, see Van ’t Hof, 2000;
♦  Demonstrated that Pumping costs in community-based irrigation schemes along the Niger River can be halved (this is a HIPPOthesis that has been validated).
♦  Developed and maintained its partnership with Hari Goumo (“cheap water”), a local NGO that promotes pump rental for farmers’ associations in Timbuktu, Mali;
♦  Presented articles at international workshops on smallscale irrigation development held in 1998 and 2001 in West Africa, e.g. Van t Hof, 1998, and Van t Hof, 2001;
♦  Not received one cent of government money. HIPPO is supported entirely by the generous donations of a few individuals. Special mention
♦  Developed working relations with the World Bank, FAO (IPTRID), the Practica Foundation and ARID, a small-scale irrigation network for West and Central Africa.
♦  Conducted missions to Mauritania, China, India, and Bangladesh to study procurement options and agree on procurement arrangements for West Africa.
♦  Provided free access to its information sources on the Internet since the mid-1990s. Currently, our publications are best accessed via our Mendeley group.


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