Diversification options

This section of the website is under construction and all texts are provisional.

Engine uses
More intensive use of equipment is a well-known method for decreasing cost of ownership. What is often recommended by agricultural economists is double cropping with the same pumping equipment and preferably on the same irrigation scheme. In practice this only rarely worked in many areas along Sahelian rivers. But alternatives are available and could be assessed for practicality. Here are two:

The same diesel engine that is powering the pump, could be used to power an outboard of one type or another. This is not uncommon in China, witness a photo taken of a fishing boat on the Tai Lake. The engine is of a very common type in China (R-180, S-195 or similar). According to the fisherlady handling the boat at the time, the engine had served her faithfully for the 20-odd years she had been married. The nice thing about this Chinese outboard arrangement is that the propeller shaft can be lifted very easily in case of a shallow. And shallows are very common on unimodal Sahelian rivers towards the end of the dry season. It is not difficult to imagine that the transport of fertilizer and marketable crops would be easy, even to or from the remotest markets.

crop processing (shelling)

medium-lift irrigation.

Cropping alternatives
Vegetables (spray irrigation, canal irrigation),  wheat, cold-tolerant rice, floating rice (irrigation d’appoint), biodiesel.


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