Pump design

This section of the website is under construction and all texts are provisional.

The focus questions addressed here are : (1) why is it necessary to reduce pumping costs in low-lift irrigation; and (2) what steps are involved. Without due care, pumping costs can easily tum out to be twice as high as necessary. After initial small-scale or village irrigation development by governments or donors, the operation of small-scale irrigation schemes is invariably paid for by resource-poor small farmers. Too often, the medium- and long-term sustainability of such schemes is jeopardized by excessive operation and depreciation costs. Going the extra mile to select appropriate equipment is justified on the grounds that subsistence farmers should never be put in a situation where they must pay more than what could be considered a reasonable amount.

The page on PumpSelect provides a short introduction to the pump database and the calculations that can be done in the spreadsheet program that goes with it. It allows the conjunctive analysis of the pipe system and overall pumping efficiency. The manual is a practical synthesis of common pump theory. It is new in the sense that it focuses on diesel-powered, horizontal, volute centrifugal and mixed-flow pumps. The database contains all the necessary information for common pumps and engines from Asia and elsewhere.

The page on Pump types provides some basic information on low-lift pumps and low-lift pumping. It is intended to clarify why the choice for diesel-powered mixed-flow pumps of certain dimensions is logical and necessary. The page is not very technical and should appeal to a wide audience of both technicians and non-technicians.


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