De Verwondering 27
3823 HA Amersfoort

Contact details
  Sjon van ‘t Hof, E  sjonvanthof (at),  T  +31.33.4553623, M +31.636281439, W +31.20.5688574.
  Raf Grubben, E  rafgrubben (at), M  +31.65388675.

Who we are
  Sjon (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands, 1955) worked during 1980-1992 in Chad, Zambia (land-use planning and resettlement schemes), and in Mali for Unicef (village irrigation development). He holds a BSc in tropical agriculture and a MSc in irrigation engineering from Cranfield University. Since 1994 he has been working for the Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam. Sjon van ′t Hof, E  sjonvanthof (at),  T  +31.33.4553623, M +31.636281439, W +31.20.5688574. Sjon at LinkedIn.
  Raf (Gagnoa, Ivory Coast, 1966) studied social geography (MSc) at the University of Amsterdam and the University of Durham, UK. He currently works as an independent consultant. Raf Grubben, E  rafgrubben (at), M  +31.65388675. Raf at LinkedIn.

Raf and Sjon have worked for international organizations (Unicef, World Bank), non-governmental organizations (SNV Netherlands Development Organization, Step-by-Step), knowledge institutes (Royal Tropical Institute), and in the private sector (marke-
ting, consultancy, project management). The need for more market-oriented approaches in the gobal South, whether it be for irrigation development or water supply, has always been obvious to both.  The main motive for the HIPPO initiative came from the 3-year experience with village irrigation development in Mali (Van ’t Hof, 1994), which brought home the need and scope for finding a more cost-effective and scalable solution to realize the full benefit of the strong enthusiasm of local farmers for pump irrigation development.

Van ’t Hof, Sjon. 1994. Economical low-lift pumps for village irrigation along the Niger River.



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